Rii RK100+ review

I was excited to write this one!

Introducing the new Rii RK100+

The mechanical keys make sure typing is quite accurate, and the RGB lightning gives me that enjoyable vibrancy in the night.

I must say that customers have great things to say about the Rii RK100+, Being ranked over 4 stars on retail sites such as Amazon.

Now let’s get on with the review.

Rii RK100++

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Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★



You can’t go wrong with the quality aluminum chassis that covers the base along with full matrix anti-ghosting keys for maximizing you response time and minimizing errors.

The Rii RK100+ is designed with a sturdy build and comes with little to no problems.





The Rii RK100+ has a flat standard WASD layout with hinges behind the Rii RK100+ that give it a lift if that is more comfortable for you wrist.

Included with the keyboard, is an attachable wristband that assembles easily to the keyboard giving you support for when you dancing around on the keyboard.

Media controls are displayed on the upper right of the num lock keys so you can easily mute, change the volume, or pause and playback any video or audio.





There’s a reason why the Rii icon represents what it does!

They have been making products for over 4 years ranging from various keyboards and other technology.

Creating hot products such as mouses, headsets, keyboards, and switches.

Rii holds the trophy for customer service in my eyes and beautiful website design that tailors the simple, yet dives into the complexity of vast gaming equipment bundles.




There have been a few times I had to reach out to Rii. One time it was because the keyboard functions completely stopped working, another was that the USB bit chipped off.

Either way, they came through and replaced the keyboard for me. It’s amazing what they say about companies and how the customer service is everything.

They provided me with enough attention to make the customer feel important and to make sure all you questions were answered.

We definitely give the Rii team the EGR seal of approval!

We hope that you share you own customer service stories in the comments below so we can hear about all you experiences with Rii as well.







Just like many other products Rii comes equipped with Rii Software.

This engine provides you with the proper tools to macro, record, and control all media on you device.

It’s quite an impressive program and needs proper updating and reading for users to properly understand its functionality.

It’s worth every ounce of energy to learn about what Logitech gives it users because it will affect you patience with the keyboards functions from time to time.

If anyone has questions about how the software operates on the keyboard you can always contact Rii customer support, or reach out to anyone here at EGR.






Compared to a lot of mechanical keyboards on the market, this one has decreased in price quite a bit.

Not because the quality of the product has gone down, but because technology is always advancing and companies will generally decrease newer product pricing.

It’s a marketing scheme we have seen in companies such as Apple and Samsung to promote phones to entice and excite customers.

Down the road, you will notice that the pricing of most prices will generally decrease and increase.

We here at EGR strive to keep the pricing up to date but encourage all users to do proper research to understand what they are looking for in regard to budget.





Some main concerns customers had about the keyboard is that it’s a bit loud when typing.

We recommend you use a membrane keyboard if this is an issue for you.




Mechanical keyboards are a vast market nowadays.

Remembering back many years ago when I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

But times have changed and big players have stepped in the market like SteelSeries dropping the Apex M750.

It truly comes down to you own personal touch cause I know that a BlackWidow, in my opinion, has much faster responses than other general contenders.

Stick to names you KNOW and TRUST that’s how good business gets done.

EGR will only recommend what WE think suits best for our players.

To learn more about SteelSeries Apex click or tap the image below.




This review may be a bit biased as I do indeed LOVE Rii.

I have spent a nice full year with this baby and haven’t looked back yet.

In fact, I don’t think I will be trading this keyboard in anytime soon.

You see, typing is an art and why settle for something less?

When can you treat yourself to a quality product that’s backed by great customer service?

Let’s show you something that will make you feel like an all-star when you get going and help you finish the race to you success.







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  1. Garrett says:

    This is really cool. I am a writer for my blog so I spend most of my day in front of my computer and typing on my keyboard.
    Throughout the day I’ll get bored or tired and I can’t think of no fresh content to write. So I have been looking for ways and tips to keep me alert and my creative juices flowing.
    I think this keyboard will be a great solution to that problem with all the vibrant colors. I am definitely going to look into this. Great review, very helpful.

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